We help our clients create innovation


through custom software, mechanical, and electrical engineering. We can provide product development, systems integration, prototyping, 3D printing, and other services for your business. We can be your engineering team or augment your existing team.



Whether you need programming for embedded systems, a mobile app, or software for complex, multi-component machine perception systems, our team has you covered. We have experience with many programming languages and scripts. We can develop your entire application from the ground up or augment your team to develop individual components.

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No matter the widget you're making, be it a complex, electro-mechanical product, a printed circuit board, or simple mechanism, our team can help. Our engineers and designer come from world class universities and have experience working with fortune 500 companies and startups alike. We can design your part or assembly from scratch, or we can work with your existing design. Need to incorporate embedded software? We do that too.

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Do you have a design and need a way to hold it in your hands, show it to users or investors, or test it in the real world? We provide prototyping services for just that purpose. We can 3D print your part today. We also have access to CNC machines, and can make your prototypes from one of many materials, foam, PLA, PVC, acrylic, nylon, aluminum, and more.   


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Mobile Apps

We can develop native apps on Android and iOS. We have experience with many of the APIs to integrate Bluetooth devices, speech recognition, and cloud storage. We can work with our design partners to ensure the optimal user experience, or we can work with your design staff.

Consumer Products

We design housings, mounting brackets, and even entire products with various materials including both metals and plastics, all designed for various manufacturing processes. We design circuit boards and incorporate Bluetooth or Wifi into your product. We also provide embedded software into your consumer product. 


We can develop individual software and hardware components for mobile robotics applications. We have experience with perception systems, drive systems, robotic arms, and more. We have worked with various types of perception sensors: LiDAR, Radar, RFID, ultrasonic, stereo, and monocular computer vision. We have also developed PCBs and software for driving many actuators including steppers, DC motors, hydraulics, and solenoids.

Autonomous Cars

We can develop software components for autonomous vehicles. We have experience with ROS, the robotic operating system, and have developed drivers for individual perception sensors on that platform. We have developed independent data acquisition systems to record perception and planning data on autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles. 


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